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Preparing Mold Boxes

Fasten your origional down to the mold base. This prevents the origional from floating in the silicone which could ruin your mold.

Make sure your mold box (here we are using some currugated plastic) has at least 1.0in of space on all side of your foam mold.

Cut and bend another peice of corrugated so that it fits around your foam mold. Make the sidewalls approximately .25in away from your origional.

Apply hot glue on your sidewalls to fasten and seal the wall into place. You can also glue point to put the wall in place and seal the gaps afterwards. Be sure you have a good seal around the base of your mold box as well as the seams to prevent the liquid rubber from leaking out before it cures.

Fasten the cardboard wall that you made to the base that you just glued.

Seal the bottom of the cardboard wall to the base with hot glue.

You can also buddy a lot of holds together into one molding box!


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