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Mixing Resin

Here you have an equal amount of the RC-3 A and B, and dye. You will also need a container to mix it in.

Pour all the contents of liquid A into your clean and dry container.

Using a small dropper, extract a small amount of dye from the bottle. Remember: this small amount of dye shown will be enough for this WHOLE pitcher of resin. A little big goes a long way. Vary the amount to achieve light and dark colors.

Drop the dye into the pitcher filled with liquid A and stur it up until the dye is evenly dispersed in the A.

Stir the dye in until the entire container is whatever color you are using. We used blue for this demonstration.

Now you're ready to pour in all the contents of liquid B. So go ahead and pour in your B. Remember: the ratio of liquid A and liquid B is 1:1 so make sure you have an equal amount or your resin will not work proporly.

Stir up the liquids in your in your container thoroughally. Make sure you watch the clock though because the open time is 3 minutes.

Here we have poured our mixed resin into the rubber molds. You can see that the chemicals are starting to react by the color change down in there.

Here are the same two molds just a few seconds later. It is very important to pour your mixed resin into the rubber molds immediately after mixing it. If the resin is not in the molds before the color change starts to happen, it is no good.

After the resin sets completely, you're ready to remove it from the rubber mold.

Here is one of our finished and removed custom handholds. This is what you will get for your final project.

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