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Casting Resins and Silicone Mold Making Rubber
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Mold Putty - 15

Alumilites Mold Putty 15 is a very slow curing putty that allows you to work on larger scale projects as it has a 15 minute open time and 1-2 hour cure time. The Mold Putty 15 also has a higher durometer meaning it is more firm after curing which is generally required when working on larger scale projects. The Mold Putty 15 is FDA compliant and is safe when mixed and used properly for making food safe molds as well as molds of the body that come in contact with skin.

Sizes available for online order:

Mold Putty - 15 Photo
Mold Putty - 15 1 lb. Lt. Blue
Mold Putty - 15 Photo
Mold Putty - 15 2 lb. Lt. Blue
Mold Putty - 15 Photo
Mold Putty - 15 5 lb. Lt. Blue
Mold Putty - 15 Photo
Mold Putty - 15 20 lb. Lt. Blue
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):
Mold Putty & Mold Putty 15.pdf

Technical Details:

Product Mix Ratio Mixed Viscosity (cps.) Open Time Demold Time Specific Gravity Shore A Hardness Color Linear Shrink (%) Tear Strength (ppi) Tensile Strength (psi) Elong-ation Temp. Range (F) Vacuum Required
Mold Putty - 15 1:1 Putty 15 min. 1-2 hrs. 1.2 N-A Lt. Blue NIL 35 200 1 -67 to 395 no
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