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Casting Resins and Silicone Mold Making Rubber
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Alumilite Dye

Alumilite Dyes allow users to color any of Alumilite's high quality resins evenly and completely with a reacting dye that will never leach. We carry nine basic colors, 4 fluorescent colors, and three flesh tone colors. Add the dyes to the "A" side by weight up to 5% to achieve the color you desire. Use the flesh tones according to your preference of shade (flesh tones are typically used in Alumilite White for a more natural appearance). Dyes can be used in Clear Alumilite to make a translucent colored casting. ***NEW FLUORESCENT & VIOLET DYES***

Sizes available for online order:

Alumilite Dye Photo
Alumilite Dye 1 oz.
Color: Qty:
Alumilite Dye Photo
Alumilite Dye 6 oz.
Color: Qty:
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):
Black Dye.pdf
Not Applicable

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Alumidust Photo Alumidust
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