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Can I bake Amazing casting resin after its cured?
For my project, I need to make small several identical faces & identical face shapes, but with diffe... more
Views: 40 | User comments: 0
reuseing containers
I currently have the little 16oz kit in both clear and white. I am wanting to order the 2gal kit. Ca... more
Views: 128 | User comments: 1 | Last comment by Carol W. at 12:15:05 PM on Feb 11, 2015
What is the volume of the mold rubber catalyst Scooper?
I bought a kit from Michaels, but it was missing the scooper. The only scale I have has an error mar... more
Views: 118 | User comments: 1 | Last comment by Carol W. at 09:59:59 AM on Jan 7, 2015
Clear Cast Resin dyes
How would I tint Amazing Clear Cast Resin?... more
Views: 43 | User comments: 1 | Last comment by Carol W. at 09:52:35 AM on Jan 7, 2015
Can I bake Amazing Mold Rubber?
I know you can bake polymer clay inside a mold made from Amazing Mold Putty, but what about Amazing ... more
Views: 196 | User comments: 1 | Last comment by Carol W. at 11:09:03 AM on Nov 20, 2014
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